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Turn signals / indicators on Dodge


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I want to get rid of these big modern rear lights on my Dodge.

My Dad fitted these, as he was always very keen on having highly visible signals, but im not and don't like them.

The hole rear light bar is removable and is connected via a trailer socket seen here in the 2nd photo under the vehicle.

I want to convert the blackout lights in the original light housing to indicators and im trying to figure out the best way to do this. At the moment, i'm thinking about getting another plug for the trailer socket and only having the left and right indicator wires in the plug and running those wires to the black out light bulb holders.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips on doing this?

I don't want to alter the original wiring loom or tap into it and would be looking to tuck the original blackout light wires away somewhere under the vehicle.

The front indicators will be easy and just a case of changing them for smaller rectangular indicators on a smaller bracket.


trailer socket for removable lights bar.jpg


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