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Starter Motor problems

REME 245

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I have the usual Starter Motor problem on my Daimler Armoured car of the motor spinning over but not throwing out the Gear to  engage with the flywheel.

I have taken it off and cleaned off any old grease off the shaft which I have found in the past can stop the dog spinning down the shaft with no effect.   I have also tried a different battery and the boast setting on my charger which increased the speed of the motor with no affect.   Any suggestions please on what the problem may be?

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Sometimes it takes just a little light lubrication on the helix , in good condition the pinion is a neat fit so a little grease or dirt can prevent especially if there is some wear because the pinion can cock.

Try the other argument - dry lubricant only ,  work through MoS2 dry lubricant spray ,  I have a bottle of CK graphite powder (normally used on locks) ,  you can just rub a soft graphite pencil on helix(s).   Clean prior with such as electrical cleaning fluid , brake cleaner spray ,ether spray ,  meths.

After that - it stands to reason you are not getting the required centrifugal force - down to  sluggish batteries , motor brushes worn , commutator worn / dirty etc..

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If you run the starter motor on the bench does it still show the same fault?  If it is clean, it should not really be sensitive to exactly the right lubrication.  Is there any mechanical stickiness stopping the pinions initial movement along the pinion?


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