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A good place for this  would have been   Samuel  (Sam) Walker Ltd.  (Manchester Depot)  -  they were probably the UK premier repairer of serious damage to all makes of mobile crane , although most would be Coles & Grove - from when I was last in their yard abt.  Y2K.    The business folded but there will be successors - who took the library.

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On 5/7/2021 at 3:56 PM, attleej said:

Dear All,

Does anyone have access to a manual for the above crane or can point me in the right direction?

Does anyone know how much it weighs from a suitable reference?


as far as I can ascertain circa 26t 

capacities were 30t FOW and 35t Jacked

would love to hear form anyone with a full set of spec.s for one of these 


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That's fabulous .. thank you so much for those .... I may well have and quite a decent specimen too ... distance is a bit of a killer though .. (a) to view and (b) to transport .. they're a big lump at 10 ft wide, seriously heavy (for your average low loader and you have to stow the jib sections somehow too ... do have a mate that might be up to the job though 🙄🙂

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