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19 Set Spare Valves Case

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I have a question,

Is the original Spare Valves Case that came with the 19 Set (ZA3104?} the same dimensions as the later case which is marked up as being universal for the 19/22 Sets

Just trying to sort out stowage arrangements in the MWR


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Military Canada: Case Spare Valves Wireless Set No. 19

Dimensions (WHD)    6.12 x 6.75 x 6 inch / 155 x 171 x 152 mm


If you look at the photos and description on this page (1/3 of the way down) the valve box for the 19, 19/22 and 22 all appear identical. 



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External dimensions are 17” x 7.5”.

There is a drawing in WftW Vol 2 of a possibly similar frame fitted in a jeep equipped with a 19:set and RF amp filled with two valve boxes, one for the set and a generic one for the amp, so I wondered if a similar frame was fitted as standard in the MWR, despite all the lockers and bins provided.

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