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Carburetor flooding

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1 hour ago, REME 245 said:

One of the carbs on my Daimler AC is flooding after rebuild leaking out of the top cover gasket.

Assuming that the float has not sprung a leak can this be cured by simply bending the arm very slightly which acts upon the inlet valve?

Another way is to add another washer under the needle valve, it saves messing with the float, unless of course the float is leaking.

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Just realised, on that carb the arm is not attached to the float. I did have a problem with one of those Solex float needle valves recently, it was flooding and the needle movement did not feel right, so I carefully dissected it and found the needle has a Viton tip on the sealing end, this had detached from the metal needle. Obviously a recent replacement and believe this could be due to ethanol.

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