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Humber full edition illustrated parts catalogue


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genuine 1960 fully illustrated parts list for Humber I ton, and all variants including Pig, FFW, Guided Missile and many more, wiring diagrams, pull out A3 drawings, plus.

In good condition. Full size weighty original book 310x225x50mm approx. £55 plus post 








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Yes & it even has a circuit diagram. I had a spare copy which I sold some years ago but I remember people haggling that they could buy a pristine copy. I had to point out that this was original for sale, not a scanned print to order & that is was cheaper than the print to order copy! Furthermore the print to order copy I believe does not include the 5 supplements  that include the Malkara support vehicles.  Incidentally this list doesn't include all the Humbers, the Hornet FV1620 list is a whole volume to itself although there is quite a bit of commonality.

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Obviously it included a lot of Humber commonality but being a 1962 document had a lot identical items that were now NATO codified, whereas the same parts used in other Humbers were mainly VAOS catalogued items back in the 1960 documents.

Often sellers of books pay little regard to the WO/Army No. so if you are hunting by title using words like Hornet, Humber, Malkara, FV1620 you will have no success.

The title description is Launcher, Guided Missile, Truck Mounted.

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