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  1. Will get some photos, just got the brake system all into bits as seized up, but is a simple idea but well thought out.
  2. The brakes are hydraulic with standard brake fluid to the front pair of wheels with a cylinder behind the towing ring for operation. Also a slave cylinder mounted on the front wheel station pushes a rod that is part of the main radar centre section, thus forming a rod system to the rear, which also has a rod and cup assembly to release the rear wheel assembly. A hand brake lever works on the rear wheels for parking.
  3. There are 2 support hooks that tighten low down pulling the wheel station in and hold to the main structure. Also 2 support pivots 2 foot above with manual clamps. So by unwinding the bottom hooks and releasing the top clamps the wheel station wont move till the support legs are wound down together. thus taking the weight of the radar platform and releasing the bottom hooks which pivot and release the wheels. A support bar 6 foot long needs sliding into the designated holes to give movement. Its a well balanced unit and the wheels move quite easy. Its still a learning curve, voyage of di
  4. Some photos of my Green Archer, just split the rear wheel assembly for the first time in the last 20 years as been stood outside with the previous owner.
  5. Does look very neglected, any idea where the wheel stations are ? Question ? on the rear wheel station flat area sits the operating scope, to the right hand side. Any idea what sits on the left ? its 20 inch by 12 inch to fit on a detachable special base.
  6. Hello all, Does anyone know what the track rod ends are, size, designation, are they used on anything else. I am after 4 (2 left, 2 right hand thread) for my Rubery Owen (FV2500) 4 wheel trailer. they are female threads with external threads on the steering tubes. Many thanks Nigel
  7. Good luck with the tank, it got my pig running on its fuel tank. Nigel
  8. More wonderful history you have saved there, all subjects that are not usually available. Great stuff, Nigel
  9. Some steel wire from an armoured cable works well, as soft. The pipe is open ended and when petrol is left for years it does leave black sticky deposits. You may be able to access the pipe opening by removing the drain plug. Wire is best as removes anything in the pipe, as compressed air will take the easiest path. Both will be a good combination. all the best Nigel.
  10. That looks very interesting, my Pig was converted from a Hornet. Best wishes Nigel.
  11. Fantastic information, thank you for sharing, Nigel
  12. Sounds interesting topic as many vehicles run the generators in the military set up. May I ask do you have a photo of your Humber 1 Ton. Many thanks Nigel
  13. Fantastic information, is there anything more to see : Report No F T/B 929 Truck 3/4 Ton Landrover Malkara power supply please.
  14. Very interesting topic, colour schemes are a talking point as there seems to be numerous shades to every basic colour ie nato green.
  15. Far more robust system, water proof, spark plugs are quality as is the whole system. Once you get thinking head on and instead of pulling the plug leads off by hand, its a spanner. Better starting as 24 volts are used and when running drops to 12volts.
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