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Wanted Crossley parts

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I am looking for parts for a Crossley RFC tender


This has the 4 cylinder engine arranged in two banks with a cubic capacity of 4600 cc.. This engine was used in various forms  well into the late 1930's and the BGT1 also known as the 40/50 HP Crossley used a 25/30 chassis suitably stiffened.

Crossley also produced the the IGA1 and IGL using same chassis and mechanical components.


I am looking for a spare engine to rebuild or parts to build one up if anybody has one they would be willing to sell.  This engine in later form has both inlet and exhaust manifolds on one side of the block, and the water rail is  different. But this doesn't matter.


Also looking for a  complete steering column, picture below of what I looking for

A differential or the gears from inside it (picture shown of diff casing and prop-shaft)

and also  torque tube inner impulse shaft with its gear

and a pair of rear leaf springs.



Sapre Diff and prop.jpg

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Good morning,


I am new to the forum, and based near Watford and a serial Crossley car fan and having been looking for an RFC tender for a  number of years. Given the 1000's made very few have survived in any form, the scrappage rate must have been enormous


I purchased this vehicle recently and plan to strip it down to a bare chassis, but before getting into the restoration I am looking for certain key parts.


I am fortunate to be located close to the RAF museum in Hendon where they have a complete fully working tender and are very helpful indeed






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Hi Duson,


Thanks for the headsup on this WW2 Crossley 4 WD truck


There might be a few external engine parts. But this is a significantly bored out version of my engine, it does however have the added benefit of removable heads.  Will call the seller and plan to take a look, one never knows.  The engine and perhaps the gearbox might be the only useful bits, unsure if he will split them, as he wants to sell everything.





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Duson hi


On further checking there is virtually nothing on this later lorry engine that is any use to me as
spares for my car, the manifolds are completely different as the
carburettor is on the same side as the exhaust due to the bores being
bigger (5300 cc) leaving no room for the inlet tracts to go between the
bores, the crankcase may be cast iron and not aluminium like mine, the
crankshaft however could possibly be the same as the
connecting rods as the stroke was the same.

The clutch is a plate type so the flywheel is also different, my car
has a cone clutch.

Even the cylinder heads would not have fitted as Crossley had
dispensed with the rubber water jacket seals which were fitted to my
car and used the modern type gasket which seals both water and
combustion chambers.


Thank you for thinking of me, greatly appreciated.

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