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3HW head gasket


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My 3hw had a small copper ring as a head gasket when I disassembled the engine.

It looked home made and out of place.

The parts book does not list one and I was told it may not have had one.

I have never owned or worked on a machine that did not have a head gasket.

Can one of you please enlighten me.

Please and thank you


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No head gasket is used on a 3HW. The head should be lapped onto the barrel with valve grinding paste by swiveling it backwards and forwards until an even, mat grey finish is produced to both surfaces.  


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Mine is quite a late contract bike from 1944. I did it in desert trim......Just to have something different. I have lots of pictures on file and can take more if required. But might be a good idea to take Jan-Willem up on his offer to make contact......and raid his garage. I think he's in Texas.  Ron

3HW 235.jpg

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Ha Ha! Good to hear from you Jan-Willem... 2 year old son! How on Earth did that happen?...... Are you wearing one of those ten gallon hats now and ditched the clogs for cowboy boots?

Yee Haa! Ron

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