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  1. That is great! Thank you, now I have a good weekend project.
  2. Hi all, Could someone take a measurement of the bolt center to bolt center on the front brake plate stay. I need to fabricate one as it is missing. I know its just a flat metal stay but am not sure how long or hole centers. Thank you
  3. Thank you guys. Great help, a weld nut it shall be. have a great day
  4. 3HW inner primary mount for upper chainguard. Can someone please post a picture of the inner primary tab where the chainguard attaches? I am wondering if it is a weld nut on the inner primary or something else. My inner primary just has a “D” shaped hole. It doesn’t appear to have had a welded nut in the past. The Chainguard I have has been butchered so it is of no help for proper mounting either. Thank you Mark
  5. I will measure it when I get back by the bike. Have been away a bit. I don’t have a Speedo either, so will take a close measure. Just collecting as many bits for it as I can. Thank you all
  6. Can someone point me in the direction of a speedometer drive and it’s pinion gear gear for my 3HW. I also am looking for a speedometer cable assembly. Any help or leads would be appreciated Thanks Mark
  7. Safekrkr

    3HW fork

    Can someone point me toward some front end parts? i am in need of parts in circled pictures for the shock absorber. Friction plates Bolt and it’s hardware Also the tension spring. I found a small hole spring but am in need of a large hole late model spring. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Mark
  8. The the thickness of the main deflector is .050” i hope this helps
  9. Its just a wear mark. The ID is .845 the flange is .150 thick and .150 wide the OD is 2.625 all in inches. the part I have the center flange is free spinning, but I don’t believe it is supposed to be.
  10. I know I may catch some heat for not keeping it in original Military colors, but here is my progress so far on My 3HW project. Just received my replacement inner primary tin from France, almost perfect one for $50 US. Some times we do get lucky. Cheers Mark
  11. Mine does not have a rubber washer inside or an O ring. It is solid. I will post sizes later today when I get home from work. Mark
  12. Thank you Ron I am used to working on 60,s Triumphs and BSA's. This is a bit different, and I'm loving it.
  13. My 3hw had a small copper ring as a head gasket when I disassembled the engine. It looked home made and out of place. The parts book does not list one and I was told it may not have had one. I have never owned or worked on a machine that did not have a head gasket. Can one of you please enlighten me. Please and thank you Mark
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