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One for Great War Truck

Jolly Jeeper

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Sorry Tim, that photo is the only one I have. It was one of those things I found on the web and copied to my desktop. It could well be something like a Dodge. I did read that the US Army had Dodges and Harleys in use during its war with Mexico. Pancho Villa's lot had Indian Motorcycles so the Indian v Harley rivalry spilled over from the race tracks to war!





PS Not ignoring you either - been and holiday and then back to mayhem in th'office.

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The more i look at it the more i think it is a Dodge, but there is very little to go on. If we can wait a few weeks a will be looking at a 1916 Dodge and will take a comparisson photo for you.


Quite right about Dodges being used by the Yanks in Mexico. I am just writing an article on the Punitive Mexican expedition for a future MMI. Got lots of nice photos for it so I hope everyone finds it interesting.


Tim (too)

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