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1966 Land Rover 109 inch Ex. Military


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1966 Land Rover 109 inch Ex. Military


SPRING: Thursday 8 March 2018

Viewing: Wednesday 7 March 2pm - 6.30pm / Sale Day from 9am

Sale begins at midday. Vehicles to be sold at approximately 2pm

To take place at  ATHELHAMPTON HOUSE Near Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7LG

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OK  -  for now I  will go along with the fact it is  1966  manuf.   45ER18  and could be a Rover 11.  The integral wiper motor box  at passenger side of the bulkhead would tend to confirm.   However  -  if so why has it got headlamps in the wing panels  - they should be in the radiator panel for 1966 build .  Air-lift type front bumperettes would be OK for 1966 build,  however if a late Rover 11 -it should have the short bumperettes as fitted to S3 & Defender (if fitted).   If the front headlamps are correct - then the front bumber / bumperettes are wrong.  Also if the headlamps are correct that would make it a late Rover 11  , that would have the shallow type sills, not the deep type sills of a 1966 build.  Unfortunately this Rover has no sills.   A very , very high suggested  £ price for what could be a bit of a bitsa..

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