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The Cold War Museum


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Hi Guys,


I have a thread in the museums section but if many of you are like me I rarely look in there.

I am about to apply for the museum planning permission for the first phase of the museum, canvas marquee type things then phase 2 underground bunker 1 then phase 3 bunker 2...

I am wondering if your good selves could help me with a supporting letter just stating that you think its a great idea and that you would visit the museum once opened...and anything else you might want to add about the period would be very interesting too...

I am also looking for memorabilia from the era, 1946 to 1990, anything that is from that era is of interest household items, military items photos stories, especially of times in BAOR etc etc...whatever you have...unless you donate it to the museum everything will remain your property and you will be able to have it back at any time...

if you can send information and letters to paul.obrien@thecoldwarmusuem.com


thanks for all the support so far...

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Hi Paul.

I would certainly visit. 

It was nice to meet you a few weeks back, and I am glad I made the connection between HMVF and yourself while conducting the building survey on your site.

I'm sure people here can help for sure.

And if you fancy placing a few stamps on the Saracen hull you have and posting it, I would make sure I am in to sign for it! haha






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a new 432 has hit our shores...it has been used by the fire suppression company for testing fire extinguishers in the military vehicles, is a bit black with smoke but no fire damage...looks like new tracks and road wheels and with a quick spruce up will likely be going up for sale, we have a 432 and not sure a second one is of any use at this time...

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