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Cletrac M2, Any Activity Out There


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There has not been much activity on the Cletrac projects in the last few years.  Interested in what progress has been made.  I completed my restoration of my '44 a little over a year ago.  It is mostly complete with all the hard to find items in place.  I have the original top bows but have been unable to locate a top.  Does anyone know of an original that can have detailed picture taken?  I know there is a very complete ex-RAF Cletrac with original canvas located somewhere in UK/Europe but I have been unable to determine its whereabouts.  I have constructed a 90% accurate top pattern from photos but due my overly anal tendency for the details I have yet to have one produced.  I would be more than willing to compensate someone that can provide detailed photos and measurements of an original top.  The owner of the only know top in the USA has been unwilling to allow his to photographed (states he wants to have them produced and sell them but has yet to do so).  I am also in need of the upper side engine panels.  Any help there would be appreciated.

We have been fortunate to take it to a few military events, mostly supporting WW2 aircraft and have also been able to use it as intended, towing a plane.  Check it out on youtube

Cletrac owners post some updates.  Would love to see what is out there now.


Scott Mattison

Belton, SC, USA

44 Cletrac M2

44 CCKW353






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