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RUC Heavies


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This book is not yet out but I am sure will be well worth a read for those interested in general policing & internal security. I have known the author for many years & he has amassed a vast pool of photos & records.


Many of the vehicles described are ex-Army & some of the RUC vehicles subsequently became registered to the British Army. As an owner of two such vehicles I await the book with interest.



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I will get one of those. It looks like an armoured Lancia in the bottom left corner of the cover. There are several surviving early RUC vehicles (including Lancia, Crossley and a Peerless restoration job), but it seems that these things are not often displayed as there is a significant risk of them being attacked or torched. At least they are saved for posterity and maybe can be displayed in X years time when things have settled down even more - although saying that, i never thought that I would live to see the day when the fighting came to an end (if it really has).


Tim (too)

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If you look in Windscreen No.96 Autumn 2002 there is a 12-page article on Army vehicles used by the RUC. It includes several of the early vehicles. There is also a picture of a restored Lancia. Although I obtained permission for it to be printed that probably wouldn't extend to putting online. I had some pictures which I couldn't use but you will find them in the book no doubt.


Lancias, some built in 1916, continued into the 1960s! I believe some of their armour was recycled to provide hidden armour to protect the backs of those sat in back of LWB Series 1 Land Rovers.


Some of this armour incidentally ended up being thrown in the back of the first prototype Shorland. But eventually that all ended up with the scrap man.

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A colleague at Beltring said that there is a lot of interesting stufff still in store in NI. Wonder what will happen to it all?



I don't know it seems to have dried up. I have bought in the last 5 years two hats, a WPC hat, a tunic, two m/cycle type riot helmets, three types of black respirator bags, two note books, four volumes of legal reference books. But the guy who said he had the contract for clearing out stations hasn't had anything for a couple of years all he gets now is PSNI stuff.

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