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Claimes vehicule by british army in Belgium- Braine l'Alleud


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I'm looking for info about a vehicule i'm restauring; it's a Morris M8 VAN type 1935 pre series

While dismantling the car I found a Phone number and a Location / the Phone number was found and appeared to be property of a Society in Braine l'Alleud in Belgium.

The car was Offered to the Mahy Collection in 1965 , beeing used as a large Wheel Barrow on a Large Domein near Gent/Gand.

I assume the car was Claimed by the british army (due to the painted color???) and left behind in Gent afterwards

on the front wheelfenders ther is a small green painted area/ which I sandblasted before I found the telephone number, If I knew I would have let it stay...5a119000a5188_20130820_01beforepyrolyse.JPG.85f92b16e48ff20e50718ba4507e26d5.JPG20130605_003.JPG.5763fd9ebf559716203c4687d76c387f.JPG

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