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Hi from the Medway Towns.

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Hi everyone my name is Bernie, but most people know me as Ben.


I have been into old ex military stuff for a long time and have owned a fair few vehicles, MBJeep x2, M38A1 x3, 11A Lightweight Landrovers x5, GMC deuce and a half, Norton 16H, Matchless G3L, and so on, you know how it is, can't seem to help myself.


I'm currently running a 1943 Dodge WC63, '68 and '69 Lightweight 11A's, a '44 BSA M20 and an '83 Armstrong.


It's nice having toys, but the more you have, you spend more time on maintenance, l also have other 4x4's and bikes, so I'm thinking of keeping one or two vehicles and one or two bikes.


Not a terrible problem to have, but choosing which ones go is a nightmare, (to me anyway )


I did a four year apprenticeship as a motor vehicle technician, spent some time as a development engineer for a factory Suzuki motorcycle race team, and over 30 years running my own vehicle repair workshop, so I will try to offer to advice to less experienced members if I can.





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