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Hobourne Eaton Charge Pump for RR C4NFL Diesel


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This is a rather long shot, I know, but does anyone one here have any suggestions where I might be able to get a Hobourne Eaton charge pump to fit a Rolls C4NFL with a Twin Disc torque convertor. This is the pump used to pressurise the torque convertor with diesel, and is (I think) a failry standard fit across the Rolls C-series engines. I don't know what if any other engines might have been fitted with them.


This is not actually for an MV but for a heritage rail application. The Rolls Royce and Twin Disc TC combo was widely used on shunting locos such as Sentinels, but my contacts in the Sentinel world don't have a spare pump. I thought perhaps a similar set-up might have been used on some heavy vehicles, and that it might therefore be worth asking here.



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