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Diamond T gauges

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I have a 1941 Diamond T 969 to restore when I get a few other projects out of the way. In the meantime I am hunting down parts. This gauge has so far eluded me. It is the multi gauge for temperature, oil, fuel and amps. I haven't pulled this from the dash as yet so it may be able to be rebuilt but I am hoping someone may have a NOS gauge.


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Hi Jack


that is a very rare gauge which you are very lucky to have the remains for, i can't help with a NOS gauge but if you can join the Diamond t 980/981 face book page there are a lot of knowledgeable people on there that may be able to help you out.


also what other parts do you think you may need? as i have some spare parts which i have collected over the years for my 969A. even got a spare RXC/gearbox/radiator on a skid up and running;)


regards sam

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Thanks Sam. The truck is largely complete and I have most parts. It was a wrecker, early one of which only 507 were made apparently. It will be restored as a cargo as I have none of the wrecker gear. If I can't find a NOS gauge it might be able to be rebuilt hopefully. I've seen a few of these other early wreckers in Australia that had the early civvy gauges replaced with military gauges. The original larger holes were just blanked off and recut.

The running gear on mine appears intact and I have a complete changeover engine I got from Sam Winer in the States. It has a French rebuild plate dated 1962. The cab is rough but restorable and I have the remains of a timber body to rebuild. Just waiting to clear another project before I can begin. Need some of the glad hand fittings if you have them.

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