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British army 5 man arctic tent


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I have 2 british army arctic tents from the mid 80s with A frame posts .. I use the tents at shows and they seem to be quite popular no doubt because of their warmth if you have both the outer canvas and inner liner in use ....<br><br>They are fitted.with a large side vent for a heater or cooker ....I had always aimed to pick one up but in my 14 years at shows I am not aware of having seen a military cooker.or heater for the tent ...<br><br>At one show I was told I was.looking for a donut shaped heater that was diesel fuelled ...? <br><br>So may I ask the forum has anyone got the.correct heater or cooker and would a photo be possible.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Jenkinov

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