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ferret brakes battle won


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Finally the war on these brakes is over till the next conflict[Ferret Brakes]


After fighting the worst set of brake problems on a ferret that I have encountered its now sorted

The hand brake is now balanced and the worst bleeding brakes are working well.


The worst problem was getting it to bleed .

After normal and abnormal bleeding I forced fluid down the pipes and found the new front pipes were not sealing on the pipe flange as the female nut was 1/16 to long and it was tightening on the Tub. After taking off a small amount off the nut and after more and more bleeding over several days . I finally got a 1" brake travel so I used brake clamps on all the flexible pipes and achieved a hard pedal. Now I am making progress ,with my daughter helping I released each clamp to locate the air in the system. One brake was bled and fully adjusted [brakes binding till bled then released] this finally sorted the last of the air in the system. GREAT PEDAL NOW


The problem with the pedal brackets breaking suddenly during this process has made me check the other ferret for fatigue in the alloy brackets as if it failed under braking there is no foot brakes. This is a concern so check your ferret

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Hi Matt

I had a post on the 20/10/16 FERRET BRAKES and posted several pictures. The problem was an air lock in the pipes after air ingress through the new flexible pipes nuts .Originally i could not get a decent hand brake so I investigated and finished doing a complete overhaul.

I now have two champs + two ferrets .

One is running and I am sorting out the teething problems possible reg no is 00CC56 1959.

The other is coming to the end of a restoration possible army reg 01CA71.

All external bin I remade last year and fitted new internal boxes. I have done a full overhaul of all brakes and all pipe replaced , an easy job compared with the running one.

The engine has only done 3000 miles but I replaced all of the ignition leads new distributor and an electric pump as the diaphragm on the mechanical pump was leaking into the engine oil .Once the internal parts are put back its a paint job in the spring . I will post pictures of both of the in the spring



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