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Whats the weather going to be like?

Tony B

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Story goes, it was a Lady in a lighthouse stuck out on the far western coast of Ireland who, though she didn't know it , was the one whose observations decided D-Day. The American's were into historical forcasting, because it happened last year it will happen this year. The British were into predictive forcasting, measure what you have coming your way and work from that.


The west coast of Ireland being closest to the Atlantic, this lady was told to take measurments every two hours and report. From this the lull on 6th June was predicted. Post war Flower class corvettes and Coastal class frigates were converted to Weather Monitoring ships, contiuning in service till the 1980's. A long while back now I was grumbling about accuracy of weather forcast. A member of the Met office got most idignant and said' We are very accurate at 39,000 feet! That's why we set up to forcast for the RAF'.

Another oddity (in fine form tonight:cool2: ) Members of the International Metorlogical Service are the only ones allowed to take the element Mecury on aircraft. Though the mecury barometer must be sealed in two thick individual plastic bags.

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