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Hello everyone - just a short introduction.

I have an interest in military vehicles especially the British Army in Ulster.

I would like to buy ex-army land rover that served in Northern Ireland (ULSTER) during the troubles (Operation Banner).

these vechiles are becoming increasingly popular in Northern Ireland due to their past history.

im am particulary intrasted in buying a series 111 109 or an ambulance. A pig would be a dream buy but out of my reach at the minute.


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The Police Force in this area bought an armoured 110 reputedly ex Northern Ireland , I worked for the the local Land Rover main dealer at the time and they brought the vehicle for me to examine with a view to ordering a fairly large quantity of spares none of which, as it turned out, were LR parts. When they attempted to obtain details of the manufacturer of the vehicle and the possible availability of parts they came up against a brick wall and couldn't find anybody who could or would

disclose any details of the vehicle. I drove the vehicle a short distance and in my opinion it was a death trap, they took it away and I neither saw it or heard of it again.

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This is the Glover Webb APV (Armoured Patrol Vehicle) that was replaced by CAV100 (Snatch).


Asset Code 1722-4100 Truck, Armoured Patrol, 4x4, Land Rover 110 (V8), Heavy Duty


Availability of spares would not be helped by Glover Webb being taken over by Alvis & then the factory on the Hamble was shut down & Tactica production with it.

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