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Land Rover Accident


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I have had a "gentleman" who went into the back of my 1986 Tithonous Land Rover, the value of repair the insurance company have said is greater than the value, strangely they are asking for the other insurance company to assess the state of repairs required. I am challenging this as they will act on the negligent persons behalf.

Have any one else come across this and what was the result?

The insurance company have started saying I could have the vehicle registered as a C or D category which affects the sale on value

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Prior to our retirement my Wife and I ran a specialist Motor Insurance Agency in Australia with Lloyd's for many years.


In what we felt would become difficult claims we would involve the insurer of the guilty party so they could see what we were spending (what will become their) money on.


The other insurer doesn't get any say in how or if the vehicle is repaired they are just fully aware of what is being done to the vehicle.


You're insurer may well be looking after you in this situation.


it's always difficult when a vehicle becomes and economic total loss and how you deal with the client.


In this situation we would try and cash settle the client so the vehicle kept a clean record and they could rebuild the vehicle if they so desired.


My advice is talk to your insurer and try and get the best result you can.


At all times remember wine and vinegar. You know which one will catch the most flies.


This is an emotional time for you and you need to work co-operatively with the insurer to get the best result.

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Cat D shouldn't affect the value too much. Cat C will as it'll need a VIC and be marked on the V5.


(incidentally, isn't all this being revised soon, or am I misremembering).


In assessing value etc. are they looking at it as Tithonus LEP or just as a 1986 Landrover?


I've never heard of the third party's insurers being asked to assess repairs, the normal procedure would be for your insurers to deal with it and reclaim their costs from the third party's insurer. If you are concerned you should take this point up with your insurer and consider going to the insurance ombudsman should you not be satisfied.

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