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CVRT indicators

BRDM Driver

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Quick question before I delve further.


Indicators have stopped working. Hazards work fine.


Relay buzzes a bit or does nothing at all.


They worked very briefly for a few seconds while trying various switch combinations.


I suspect a bad earth somewhere and will try the instrument panel first. The dash has all new wiring and the indicator switch is new.


They were working fine a few weeks ago.



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What is your question?


What would cause the indicators to stop working, when the they work fine with the hazard button?


Indicator switch is fine.




Having taken a look at the flasher unit, I am now guessing that it might be faulty, given the vast number of components in there!

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There's a pair of contacts in the hazard switch that disconnect the indicator when the hazards are activated. This is a normally closed contact.


For some reason, probably because I decided to test the hazards, this contact now opens slightly when the switch is in it's locked in position...>:(


Pressing the button in slightly lets the contacts close properly and the indicators start working.


It's a standard Hella part so I should be able to replace it.

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