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Sherman periscope


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An acquaintance says he has a Sherman periscope he wishes to sell. Is there a simple way to identify these and what would be the value please? I have not seen the item but I will try to get photographs. I have no interest in this for myself but would be happy to purchase it for any body on here who may want it. Thank you

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Hi Degsy, it's likely an M6 if it's for a Sherman. There is a little plate on one side with the designation. It could be an M4 (gunners periscope) or possibly the taller M8. As to value, not great, they are pretty common. £10 to £20 for an M6, more for an M4 but only if it has its telescope inside.

Any damage to the fragile heads and the value drops accordingly.


It could be another type altogether, a pic would help then.

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I knew you would be able to tell me Adrian, thank you very much. I suspected there was no great value in it but asked the question just in case some body needed one. It seems quite often that things are heard about just sfter they have been thrown away/ scrapped.

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