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Bomb Trolley Type C Mk3- Wheel removal help

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Hi All


I have a Brockhouse trolley I'm restoring at the moment, sadly the original tyres have had it so replacing.Plan is to replace some of the metal work and make some kind of way I can securely tow my WM20 on the back.


On the wheel two types of nuts, large tapered ones and smaller flater ones (which look like they were painted red at some point. After letting all the air out I undid the lot and can't seem to get the wheel to budge and I can't RTFM as I don't have one..


-What are the two types of nuts for?

-How do I remove the wheel? Does it require the centre bearing cover to be taken off?

-Any diagrams out there?


Cheers, Kit


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Normally the ones painted red are to hold the two halves of the wheel together, the other ones are to hold the wheel to hub.

So undo the unpainted ones and remove the wheel from the hub , a large hammer may be usefull here. Then when the wheel is off remove the valve core to make sure all the air is removed from the tube then before you remove the other nuts try to press the beads of the tyre inwards . its difficult if you remove the nuts first.

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