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M8 Armoured Car parts


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Hi all,


I am looking for the following parts for my M8 armoured car restoration. If you have anything available, could you let me know please:




  • Driver seat
  • Rear spring U bolt
  • Front spring shock absorber mount
  • Rear floor

  • Tool locker lids
  • Exhaust elbow
  • Electrical Cabling
  • Engine oil breather
  • Taillight hull mounts, rubber mounts and taillights
  • First aid kit holder
  • Protectoscopes and boxes
  • Headlight switch
  • Hatch fittings
  • Compass and mount
  • Headlight protectors for hull
  • Wheel lug studs
  • Mine racks
  • Fan Shroud





Shock absorber mount.jpg

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