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Machine Tools and Accessories - Tons of em!


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We have available a whole load of machine tools and accessories many of which are perfect for restoration work. Items include:


Ward 2c Capstan Lathe (with the smoothest action imaginable)

Herbert No4 Capstan Lathe

Smart and Brown Toolroom Lathe

Denbiegh End Mill

Dormer Tool Grinder and Shaper

Ironworker multi-profile power shears (will cut bar angle etc)

Small Flypress

Large Gornati lathe with both imperial and metric thread cutting capability

MMA and AC TIG welder

400A MIG Welder with separate wire feed

Sliding Table Circular Saw (has been used with a TCT blade)


All are 3 phase but the smaller machines can easily be converted by swapping motors.


In addition we have available a large amount of tooling and accessories, reamers etc.


If you are in the market for the sorts of things we have please get in contact soonest as we will be listing them in all the usual outlets in due course that may take a while - so get in touch without delay and you may end up with a bit of a bargain as it all needs to go to good homes.


We are based in Appleby in Cumbria.


Contact here or call me on 07979720466

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