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Pinzgauer Auction


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I was wondering if anybody has had any experience of buying from the Dorotheum Pinzgauer auction.


I suppose this should be on the "I may be stupid but ... " forum thread


But I have rather fancied one for a few years.


Obviously actually buying it is not the issue, they actually give guidance as to whether they are roadworthy or not. I expect I can insure pretty well same day, just add it to the fleet policy, also get there and drive it home, basically get to Calais and pay for a ticket.


The missing thing is a legal number plate. To get me through Germany and France then 10 miles of England to Sandwich.


Any thoughts or experience



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As the name says, it is an auction, don't be fooled by the low starting bids, most if not all the vehicles sell for a lot more, have a look at previous auction prices on there web site to see what vehicles actually sold for

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Just want to say that the Dorotheum auction is probably taking place in Austria!

Austrian Army had to reduce its vehicle stock because of cuting the cost of servicing and repairs and Dorotheum bought the Pinzgauers and auctions their stock from time to time.

As far as i know it is possible to get green plates at most insurance company offices in Austria for 3 till 23 days but you need an austrian equivalent of MOT and i don't think that the Dorotheum Pinzgauers have this as the Army is MOT exempted. But just ask them.

Here is a link to the government site regarding these green plates but only in german. https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/content/6/Seite.061900.html


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Thanks. Useful about the MOT, might be a stumbling block. The actual sale prices, yes, I had looked and they still look reasonably attractive, then there is VAT and commission to add. Plus a good £1000 to drive it home, but that will be an adventure in its own right. Still thinking.

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