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  1. We were there from Sunday to Sunday, we could drive around the site even through the arena most of the time, had no problem going in or out of the site at any time, saw plenty of MVs arriving most days and getting in ok, and as to having to stay untill Sunday morning a lot of MVs left on Saturday evening without any problems, of course I do think that the organisers did go over the top with there statement about don't bother booking if you can't stop while Sunday
  2. As the name says, it is an auction, don't be fooled by the low starting bids, most if not all the vehicles sell for a lot more, have a look at previous auction prices on there web site to see what vehicles actually sold for
  3. Interesting spin on the sales blurb........................ Withams ! nothing unusual there then :laugh:
  4. Thats an interesting story Mike, but what is amazing that a police force of a town with fewer than 700 people need 2 armoured Humvees let alone all the fire power that was also stolen, must be a really lawless place
  5. Aren't we losing the plot, I thought this was about why you no longer attended this years War & Peace show, we have been going for the last 10 years, but didn't attend this year as we had other commitments, we will however be going down next year, even after reading all the comments and hope fully a lot of the problems will have been sorted out by then
  6. Of course its impressive, after all it is a Pinzgauer
  7. Sorry Marmite, didn't realise they were adults, but doesn't that make it worse they should know better than to stray onto private land
  8. Oh dear, its started all ready, hope fully Rex will sort out these kids on quads, if not the new show will get a bad reputation with the locals before its started, here's hoping that he can sort things out, but I'm still looking forward to a great show week
  9. Hope fully with a brand new venue, things like kids on quads, large areas roped off with only one vehicle in , guns going off in the middle of the night etc etc should all be things of the past, well we can all live in hope !!
  10. In the first posting the Wolf engineers said that many Wolf 90s may be converted to Wolf 110s and that they could be in service for many more years to come, if this is the case why have Withams got 100s of Landrovers and loads of Wolfs for sale, not getting at any one just a question
  11. Hi and welcome to the Forum, I am the Secretary for The Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK, I'm sure some of our members may have a reasonably priced Haflinger for sale, if you are interested please feel free to PM me
  12. Hi Tor, I am the Club Secretary for The Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK, if you PM me your details I could put a wanted advert in the next club magazine, out mid January 2013, regards xmod 90
  13. ( See my previous comments ) Ok didn't realise that, does make sense though as you say millions of cans must have been turned out, thanks for the info
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