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1949 ERM Vehicle Allocations and theatre information?


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In 1949 the census number system was replaced by the ERM system, (ie. from M1502620 to 48YJ27, which is my jeep). Recently I discovered that it was recorded exactly how these numbers were allocated, in blocks, to theatres of operation. Now I have the complete list for the YJ series, but I am looking for the YH series, and also similar info for other vehicles in postwar service. Clearly this gives a nice bit of info on a specific vehicle in postwar service. Any ideas where I can access this information? Here is an example from the YJ allocations-


72 YJ 22 to 72 YJ 70 FarELF

72 YJ 71 to 73 YJ 79 Malta/BETFOR

73 YJ 80 to 75 YJ 57 UK

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