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Conversion std defender bulkhead to military wolf spec bulkhead



The military Wolf defender sometimes comes up for direct sale having been damaged, often with damage to the bulkhead. While lots of bits are available, replacement wolf bulkheads seem to be unobtanium. Having wondered round the net standard bulkheads are available. Does any know or have any experience of adding the wolf reinforcement plates to a std bulkhead to create the wolf version?


i've seen some of the reinforcement plates for sale, but I also wondered whether the parts could be stripped from a damaged bulkhead onto the std one?


cheers in advance,


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Yep exactly what I did, drill out the spot welds on the original reinforcement plates and weld the originals onto your new 300 tdi bulkhead. Easy.


I saw the ones on ebay, it did make me smile, I guess if you don't have an original bulkhead or access to them the new repro ones are good. I remember tracing around mine on paper and posting them to another builder...


I'm wracking my brain to think what other small differences in bulkheads there were, need to look at my build photos....this was 12 years ago.:D

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