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Control Box R.C.D.M. NSN 5820-99-900-9092

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Hello folks,


Please can anyone tell me how the red Control Box R.C.D.M. fitted into the vehicle harness and what is was used for.

Currently on evilbay (401106681577). NSN 5820-99-900-9092.


thanks, Jeremy aka Mad Scientist



You are very unlikely to need it. :D


RCDM stands for Remote Control Digital Modulation, and allowed the "DM" box to be controlled (in a limited fashion) over a 4-wire link. It was part of the Secure Speech setup from the Larkspur era, using SR C42, the DM and "Goodman" boxes and the BID 150 encryption unit. This appears to be the later Clansman version for CSSH (Clansman Secure Speech Harness) that goes with the VRC-353, the DMU and BID 250 encryption module.




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Dear Chris,


Many thanks, I am very grateful. Easy to buy a big red box because it looks good and then wonder what to do with it, but even better to be told exactly what it is and what it does. This forum is fantastic, thanks again for your reply.


cheers! Jeremy

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