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Hello from Australia

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I'm Steve (age 42) from Northern NSW, Australia. I like WW2 and Cold War militaria. I was keen to get an APC or tank a few years back but gave up because there is very little over here and there are big barriers to importing one yourself (cost, obnoxious customs, the fact that armoured cars are on the banned list etc). Now I'm back looking again and reconsidering importation as I think you can get special permission to bring one over. I also discovered that Tasfox who is a member here is selling his MTLBU and OT64 so there are those options too... There is also an Abbott 432 for sale in WA but it's pricier (but in great condition).


I live on a rural property so would be happy with either tracked or wheeled and size is no issue either.


Does anyone have any opinions on the British vs Soviet gear in terms of reliability and servicing difficulties? Also any opinions on Tasfox's MTLBU and OT64?


Sometimes its a bit frustrating living on the other side of the world because shipping and cleaning costs are more than what most of these vehicles are worth!



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look up Tim Vibert at Wangarratta he will know whats around in OZ. Having owned all sorts of Armour in Australia, you will have no trouble with a Ferret or Saracen if you are looking to road register. They are readily available. If you want tracked, Bren Gun carriers are still around and you should be able to source one at a reasonable price. Their are a few FV432 getting around. You just need to talk to the right people. Start with Vibert.


Regards, OZITIM

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