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Or should that be re-introduction

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Greetings, one and all. While I never really went away I didn't log in for ages and then discovered having changed PC that I no longer had my details/password. Having asked the nice forum peeps for help sadly they were unable to find me either >:(


so I've re registered, bonnie_scott no more, welcome in highland_laddie. As you may have already guessed i am based North of the Border. I've been enjoying the forum as a lurker with only the occasional urge to post but hopefully I will be able to contribute the odd gritty pearl from time to time.


sadly I do have a fetish of the armoured variety but I really am in awe and humbled by the work done by forum members to keep everything green alive and have even been tempted but something british and truckish so who knows I may mature and join the trucking side :nut:


thanks for for giving me back,




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