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M113 EX Canadian Army now RCMP

robin craig

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I know these are slightly off topic but here goes anyway.


The Canadian Forces over the years have passed possession of a number of military vehicles over to various law enforcement agencies over time.


A number of years ago some M113 and AVGP and Lynx were sent to the Technical and Protective Operational Facility of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. From what I can ascertain they went via a local contractor DEW Engineering who serviced them and removed various bit and in the case of this one painted it and marked it up and changed the track system.


If you are wondering about the marking "RCMP-GRC" in Canada we have two official languages English and French and anything Federal gets marked accordingly, the GRC does not mean Government Racing Car as some alledge, it stands for Gendarmerie royale du Canada.


Apparently it lacked the rumbling presence with this rubber track and lacked the psychological effect they were hoping of at an incident. In later life it was equipped with a barricade up front that could be raised and lowered and had hydraulicaly operated wings and see through panels in the upper portions.


Once day when i find the rest of the images I will post them.


Hopefully a scale model maker will find these interesting.


They are my images so please ask me via email before plastering them around.





rcmp m113.jpg

rcmp m113 2.jpg

rcmp m113  3.jpg

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Check these photos out of the modified Australian M113's now called the M113AS4. Stretched and added another road wheel. But the rear end looks very much like your canadian one.



Hey Tim how is the work coming on the 2nd Ferret ?

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