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Mudguard Plate.


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Afternoon Ladies and gents,


Quick question. Any ideas about the plate on the Left hand mudguard of the QLT? Its a still from the film 'Millions like us'.


Is it one of the units with PASS one side and a unit id the other?

bedfordqlt millions like us.jpg

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It was common practice while pass plates were mandatory ( there use seems to be phased out some time during 1942) to paint the arm of service and unit number on the opposite side to 'Pass'. The prescribed procedure was for the unit sign to be the normal side displayed. It was the drivers responsibility to turn the plate round to show 'Pass' in the event of a breakdown or other form of authorised halt.


I read somewhere..... I'm sorry I can't remember the source..... that it was not permitted for a following vehicle to pass a halted vehicle unless the 'Pass' plate was visible and displayed. The rational behind this was to prevent following vehicles running into potential ambush situations.



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