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Cooker portable no2 and 3

Skint George

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I saved this cooker from the skip that an old lad was dumping as it was just taking up room.

It appears to be new with a bit of surface. Serial number 731099125175, built by Arunfabs Ltd 1993.

It has 206/03 engraved on the lid. What is that code, refurbished date?

What are these things worth?

2016-02-14 16.21.45.jpg

2016-02-14 16.19.25.jpg

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Hi George,


It looks as if you have managed to save a nice piece of kit - well done! I wish it had been me :)


There's one on ebay at the moment No. 231838627993 with an asking price of £80.

Another from an army surplus seller has a price of £140. A Swiss army one is on ebay for £60.


The smaller square foldaway No.2 MkII modified cookers are currently going anything from £40 up to £100 in good condition on ebay, and between £130 and £150 in very good condition from commercial army surplus stores.


Hope that helps, Jeremy.

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Hi Jeremy.

Thanks for the info.

You seem to be a cooker enthusiast so I'll give you first offer of this cooker.

£50 (thats with HMVF member discount) and you arrange collection.

All monies received go to my jeep fund!




My cooker looks better than the ebay one!

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