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Vehicle registration


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Vehicle registration in GB


I have a question about the registration for public roads. The DKW Munga had factory behind the right front wheel, a metal sign with the chassis number and the engine compartment, the manufacturer's plate.

Both plates were riveted with rivets.

So, there is not stamped or engraved number on the car.


Is it today permitted to allow a car with riveted signs in GB?

Or are changes needed?




Thanks in advance.

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I don't think there's an official source you can consult easily to find how many vehicles of a particular type are registered.


Sites such as 'How Many Left' are the nearest you'll get, but very limited production or rare vehicles are often not listed, or listed as 'Missing Type'.


How Many Left doesn't list Mungas, or even any Auto Union or DKW vehicles, and I cba to wade through the many pages of Audis in the hope of finding some!


Putting registrations of known Mungas into DVLA's vehicle enquiry page using DKW, Auto Union, Audi or Missing as a make just brings up 'vehicle details could not be found'.


A quick flick through the Munga Talk topic seems to show about 10 - 15 UK vehicles known to or owned by HMVF members.

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