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(worcestershire regt.) ww2 BD jacket markings


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I wonder if anybody can help, i want to put markings on my 37 patt. BD jacket. I already have worcestershire shoulder flashes.

I believe the 1st battalion became part of the 43rd wessex and the 12th battalion became 179th field artillary.

Can anybody help in what else they would of had on the jacket, looked at loads of pics but still no joy.

many thanks, chris

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Hi, what other sort of markings are you thinking of. Other than corp. or sgt. strips or officers shoulder pips, the only other insignia that may be on the sleeve might be a regt. flash but that would depend on the regt. Of course you may also have medal ribbons. Can't think of anything else that would be on the tunic. Maybe someone will be along and offer other advise. Good luck. Steve.

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