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CVRT Fluids, quick check!


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Hi Guys, just wanted to check some things. I'm using SAE15w30 in the engine, final drives, hubs etc.. does the GL matter? (im using GL4). The breaking systems ask for OM11 which is ISO10 hydraulic fluid but i seem to have loads of OM13 about here. The only reason i would have it here is for the Sabres breaking system and if i remember right I got it off of Sammy at A&S for just that! So, has the breaking system got the wrong stuff in it?

Cheers all.

Best, C.

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OM13 should be fine as it seems to come up as an ISO12 equivalent. The important thing is NOT to use brake fluid. I would imagine GL4 is also fine and most people seem to steer clear of GL5 on older kit due to its ability to destroy bronze bushes..

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OM11 is the same as OM13, but also includes a test for oxidation resistance. This addition to the spec makes it suitable as an aviation turbine oil.


OM13 itself is the same as wartime CS1117B hydraulic buffer anti-freezing oil.

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