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Dismantle military connectors?

BRDM Driver

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I need some copper braid screened cables for my Scorpion smoke dischargers.


I have a few odds and ends knocking about and wondered if it's possible to dismantle the connectors and re-make them at a shorter length?


While the electrical contacts can easily be exposed, the ferrule that holds the screen onto the back of the connector appears to be a press fit and is probably assembled in a press?


The connector is brass so it's soft and it's clearly designed to press together and never come out again!


I guess my other option is to find some new plugs and assemble them to the shortened cables...


Any ideas?

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Getting the connector apart is the easy bit!


I want to get the connector off of the braided shield so I can remake the cable a bit shorter.


There's a press fitted ferrule that retains the braid, circled in the pic.


I can't see an easy way of getting these off...



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Unless anyone else comes up with a better solution, you could try cutting the ferrule in half lengthways and then gently open it up, which will, hopefully, allow you to remove it from the braid. At this point you will see how it was secured (e.g. pins or serrations etc. inside the ferrule) to the braid which may lead to you being able to braze the ferrule up and refit it onto the shortened cable or alternatively it may only be possible to close the ferrule up on the braid without it having been brazed and then fill the cuts up with cold cast bronze.

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Slightly off topic but just in case you decide to replace the connectors:


In case you don't know already, these are known as Milspec connectors. RS sell a small variety of them. Other more specialist suppliers are out there with greater stock. I've looked in the past for various ones for Clansman systems and found some but not all of what I was after.


Some of the connector types require specialist tools to crimp the pins but generally this can be done cautiously with pliers. Some of them also have clamp type sleeve termination rather than crimped ferrules.


Hope this helps!


- MG

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Yes I was thinking that as a last resort, I'll cut it longways and then hide the cut when I re-fit it!


XMOD used to sell the connectors but I couldn't see the ferrule with it!




I'll check RS though. Thanks chaps.

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