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109'' ffr 90ka90


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I am just getting started researching the history of my latest project vehicle - 90KA90 is a left hand drive 109'' FFR, i know from the record card that she spent most of her years with 12 AD Regt RA 1984 - 1997 in the BAoR then was sold off at Aston Down. She has been stored pretty much untouched since then so is very original. I presume that she was some sort of a command post due to the modifications in the rear body ( additional heater and large electric ventilation fans in the hard top) there is no mention on the record card of any deployments but beneath the last couple of coats of NATO green is a layer of desert light stone paint, 12 Regt deployed 2 batteries on Op Granby is it likely 90KA90 went with them? where could i confirm this?


also on top of her final coat of paint the IFOR markings are still intact, I found a faded Army Form G8225 behind the drivers seat (too good to be true) it clearly states that the driver 'Argyle' drew 101 litres of Gasoline from the Zetra fuel point in Sarajevo on the 11th Oct 1996, but i cant find any record of 12 AD Regt being deployed there at that time


Any information about what my Landy may of been used for in an Air Defence Regiment would be gratefully received, and any pointers to confirming her use with IFOR and possible time in the Middle East would be great too.....


thanks for reading HT.

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