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1986 ex army Landrover 90


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I wonder if I can pick some brains on here ?

I've been offered a very straight and very genuine ex army Landrover 90 ..I'm pretty sure it's a 1986 truck...

The truck is unmarked and is MOT'd and has lovely tyres on and has had a very gentle life since being demobbed into civilian hands ...the chassis is more or less spotless , no dents or dings on the body and the interior and canvas are really clean and tidy ...she has a standard normally apirated 2.5 diesel in her ..absolutely nothing wrong from what I can see and as I said........

I happen to know she's had a very gentle life being nothing more than an occasional sunday afternoon vehicle and only really in the summer being garaged the rest of the time ......

So !.....I know a bit about Series Landrovers and am usually pretty confident about them ....but .

I've trawled Milweb and eBay and other sites and am getting proper confused as to what she is worth and what I should bid on her ???......there seems to be a real variation in price of such vehicles...

to give you an idea of what I reckon from my internet moochings?.....I have it in mind to bid somewhere between£2500 ....maybe up to £3000?? ....would I be right?

or would I look a right minging toerag bidding that ?

............... or would the fella be leaping about in ectasy at how daft I am ?

it's the old story ..the chap is a genuine bloke ..not a dealer and not really into selling at all but he will if the money is right as the truck is hardly ever used .....

If I get it right she'll be mine... but if he thinks I'm being cheeky he'll shut me off and I won't get a second chance to correct my bid :) so :) .........any advice gladly recieved :)

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Paid £3200 for our 110 , I'd say between 3 and 4 is fair offers , bear in mind they stop making defender in the UK this year so prices will go up , if you do get it you need to get some security to stop it getting nicked as they are popular with thieves at the mo



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