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Daimler Armoured Cars

REME 245

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Neil do you have a DAC? Its just that I have a few DAC EMER mods that would be of interest to an owner.


I bought a file of EMER WHEELED VEHICLES N 257 that included some that I hadn't got unfortunately they were not all Humber as a nit-wit had filed in some H 257 which is DAC. I can stick them in an envelope if you like.

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Now I've got everyone excited I better try & find it. It has been in a certain pile on the floor since W&PR but ain't there now. It's there because the shelves are all full (13 x 6ft book cases). But it must be here somewhere!

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Found them in one of the piles on the floor. I'll post them to you Neil, then you can scan & distribute to DAC enthusiasts as required.


Don't get too excited these are only a few mods from EMER WHEELED VEHICLES H 257 Mod Instr No. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.


Covers fitting smoke dischargers, fitting oversize bush to fluid flywheel, new Tracta joints, sealing gland Tracta forks, fitting WS C12 in place of 19 set.

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