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WW1 Krupp 10.5 cm NZ Trophy Gun (German records sought ?)

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Hi Folks after WW1 many trophy guns were sent to the Colony's .My local town (Nelson New Zealand) received a Krupp 10.5 cm 04 gun . Breach serial number 7 carriage serial number 364 . the gun was displayed in the Queens Garden until sometime during WW2 when it was disposed of .

there are 2 different accounts of why . Concern that Japanese aerial photography may locate it and bombing would result. the other was local kids were playing war and windows were being smashed in the nearby Art gallery.

Council records state the works department should dispose of it by removal or burying on site . nothing more is known although one rumour says the barrel was buried and the carriage was scrapped (scrappy could only deal with light gauge material)

There is some interest in the Gun now and a small group of us are trying to put together as much information as possible with the view of running an article in the newspaper to see if anybody has photos or stories associated with the gun (hopefully someone knows where Granddad buried it or if the wheels were used on the farm ) its a long shot but worth a try.

I would like to find out more about its history with the German Army , the only info that we have is that it was captured by the NZ Division ? Are there any forums more dedicated to Artillery or German WW1 records , Museums or archives I could contact ? cheers Tim800px-K04rear.jpg

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