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Brit hood marking help for '45 MB Jeep pls


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Hi all,

I have been sprucing up the old girl, and on sanding down the usual areas, I found a few old (but I dont think war period) 101 AB markings.

On going through these to the base paint, I have found a much darker colour OD.

The bumper markings seemed to be just white caps on the ends, The bumperettes had already been sanded down to the metal at some point, but there were remnants of some odd markings - looks like a red circle with a white fill?

The Hood again had been sanded down and painted over, but there was a suggestion of a brit number M45... or M43...

I still have to have a crack at the windshield yet, but want to mark up as British once the repainting is done. The last picture is of a stamped number on the bumper gusset which I thought might be nice to use for the British hood number - M4239692


Can anyone offer some advice on what hood number range I should be aiming for?


Numbers from the around the jeep

Dash plate 428069

Bumper Gusset "jeep"Tag 428069

Frame Number 214336

I assume from previous research she's late 44 early 45.






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