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Osprey Jeep thingy


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I know we shouldn't automatically trust Wiki but........ Am I really to understand that the US government spent between $209,000 and over a $1,000,000 on building each vehicle ? and that they have STILL never been used in comabt due to concern over their reliability and 'battle worthiness' !?!?!?!?! are they flipping serious ????? all that money .... to come up with something that is (reading elsewhere on the WWW) ....nowhere near as good as a 70 year old WW2 Jeep ?????????????? It would seem about the only thing it can do that a Jeep can't is ...be controlled remotely ....now ....I do not make any claim to be a 'remote controlled expert' but......If any of you would like to give me your WW2 Jeep and $200,000????????? I'll lay money I could cob up a working remote controlled system on it within a month or so ... Mr US Government??? I hereby declare you precisely fit the well known description of " A fool and his money are easily separated " .

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