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1972 dpm RAF aircrew jacket


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This early aircrew dpm came off ebay not long ago for what I thought was a very moderate sum. It's well-used and has one or two marks, but far from scruffy. I'm told the spring arrangement on the arm pocket is an early feature, apparently a penholder though I can't see how it would have been much use, as it floats all over the place and seems to be made that way. Main zip is NZ, the small ones are Opti.


Aircrew dpm (2).JPG

Aircrew dpm (1).JPG

Aircrew dpm (3).jpg

Aircrew dpm (4).JPG

Aircrew dpm (5).JPG

Aircrew dpm (6).JPG

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The pen holder sits inside the pocket. Just slide it along the cloth retainer and into the pocket. They were done away with as too costly later on. They were also fitted to flying coveralls. Some aircrew had Velcro patches sewn over the pocket to serve the same purpose.


This jacket is also dated 1972, size 5






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There are, seemingly, two versions of this jacket.......MK2 and 2A but I'm not certain as to the differences........


These first appeared in DPM during 1971 and were/are still in use today despite the introduction of MTP......not a bad service life ! There is also a much rarer green version that preceded the DPM during the late 1960's.....it's almost identical but with a few differences.......trousers to match were also made.........the green version is, needless to say, exceptionally scarce today.............prior to this, the MK1 parka/jacket and trousers were in use, in blue-grey.........


Early versions of the DPM Mk2 jacket have the sleeve pen-pocket as shown, plus also have (generally) bottle-green colour velcro and buttons.........the tape to which these are attached is also often sewn internally, emerging only where the buttons are fitted............


Later versions from the late-1980s onward generally adopted the darker colouring and patterns of DPM and the labeling changed...........velcro and buttons tend more toward olive drab in colour and the sleeve pen-pocket was modified in design, losing the metal clip and incorporating foam padding the provide grip............other mod's included velcro-secured flaps added to the inner breast pockets...............


Garments were originally and still made in 100% satin-backed heavy cotton-drill with a partial cotton-poplin lining.....similar cloth as specified for the 1968 pattern combat suit and still used thereafter for the para and sniper smocks until going out of use as expensive to procure...........

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